About Us

Mission Statement

Uncommon Sense Investor strives toward providing a forum where investors can access on demand, independent and thoughtful views on topics of interest in informative and educational formats free from the historical bias of traditional media and investment distribution platforms.

Our mission is to explore, discuss and inform on subjects that are fundamental to investor decision making in a manner that assists the participant in processing and making well-reasoned judgements and choices about the always rapidly evolving world.

Uncommon Sense Investor believes we are all in a new phase in the chain of evolution. We aim to add to the expansion of knowledge and play our part in helping you shape the future.

John O’Connell, CFA

CEO, Davis Rea Ltd.

I have been a part of the Canadian wealth management industry for more than three decades. My no-nonsense attitude helped me rise to the top at RBC Dominion Securities, founding The Harbour Group. My journey at RBC DS ended after 24 years, having acquired Davis Rea Ltd. Investment Counsel where I have been the Chairman & CEO since 2010 with continued success. I am a fiduciary, meaning my number one priority is the legal requirement to take care of my clients and act in their best interests first and always, no matter what. I am also a Fellow of the Canadian Securities Institute and earned my Chartered Financial Analyst designation.

I have long held the belief that the way investment information is distributed and consumed is lacking. That is why I am excited for Davis Rea to sponsor Uncommon Sense Investor and to be a contributor.

If you want to know more about what we do at Davis Rea, I would love to connect!

Mark Bunting

Publisher & Host

Mark is a trusted journalist with more than 20 years experience covering capital markets and business on national television as an anchor and reporter with Business News Network (now BNN Bloomberg), including three years in England as BNN’s London Bureau Chief, and with Bloomberg TV Canada.

Mark oversees the content produced by Uncommon Sense Investor, where the goal is to provide investors with thoughtful and clear insight, analysis, conversation and education.

He is a seasoned and intuitive interviewer and excels at eliciting resonating, relevant and actionable information from guests through a personable and incisive style.

Mark asks the questions investors want to hear to enhance their knowledge and make better decisions about their investments.

Prior to his role at Uncommon Sense Investor, Mark was the Publisher and Host of Capital Ideas Media, and started his career as a reporter with The Sports Network (TSN).