Brian McGough has one of the better track records in retail research.

The long-time analyst at Hedgeye Risk Management made one of his most lucrative calls in 2017 when he said shares of Restoration Hardware (NYSE:RH) could multiply despite a lot of pessimism surrounding the luxury home furnishings company.

The stock indeed surged over four years from below $40 to more than $700.

Now, McGough is putting his reputation on the line again by saying Playboy Group (see our recent piece on the company below) could double and double again from the current price.

In this brief, spirited, and sometimes salty conversation from Hedgeye’s Morning Call, McGough lays out his bull case for the iconic brand and his boss, Keith McCullough, explains why he has his analyst’s back despite some recent pressure on Playboy (NASDAQ:PLBY), and is sticking with the stock.

Please click here to hear this spirited and sometimes salty dialogue.


Disclosure: Mark Bunting owns shares in PLBY Group

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