Frank Holmes wears many hats and has big goals. We caught up with the interim CEO and Executive Chairman of HIVE Blockchain Technologies (TSXV:HIVE;NASDAQ:HVBT), the miner of Ethereum and Bitcoin.

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Holmes, also the CEO and CIO of U.S. Global Investors (NASDAQ;GROW), updates us on:

  • HIVE’s new NASDAQ listing
  • His goal to have HIVE trade virtually 24/7 like cryptocurrency does
  • His goal to get HIVE to a $10 billion market cap
  • The “G7 Cartel” and China crackdown on crypto
  • New equipment
  • Revenue projections
  • Why Bitcoin vs. Gold is a false debate, and much more…

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Topics discussed:

  • Ethereum and decentralized finance
  • Hive’s $25 million deal with DeFi (NEO:DEFI)
  • Hive’s low cost, renewable power-based operations in Canada, Sweden and Iceland
  • The Bitcoin energy consumption myth
  • Expectations for “spectacular” current quarter earnings results
  • Equipment and the chip shortage
  • Competition from crypto ETFs
  • The possibility of a NASDAQ listing
  • Developments and milestones investors can expect