John O’Connell recently took a European vacation.

The Chair, CEO & CIO of Davis Rea Investment Counsel spent time in Germany, Italy, France, and Monaco, and drove through Switzerland.

Naturally, he was enjoying the sights.

But also, naturally, he had a keen eye out in order to glean empirical and anecdotal evidence of what’s happening economically in those regions of Europe.

Are the shops and restaurants busy?

Is there steady foot traffic at McDonald’s?

Did that consumer just use a Visa card?

How many FedEx trucks and Amazon deliveries has he counted in this residential neighbourhood?

How many iPhones can he count on this crowded street?

Get O’Connell’s impressions of his European (working) vacation, and hear his answers to those questions about the health of multi-national companies, and what his on-the-ground research may mean for your investments.

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