See problem. Create solution. Build successful, disruptive company. That’s the classic path of an entrepreneur. But the inspiration for Sam Duboc and MindBeacon (TSX:MBCN) is unique.

The co-founder of Edgestone Capital Partners, and co-founder of Loyalty Group (Air Miles), found himself having mental health issues about 10 years ago.

His experience with the mental health system provided him with a “there’s got to be a better way” moment.

Fast forward to today, Duboc is the Chairman & CEO of MindBeacon, a digital platform providing “affordable, accessible, effective and client-centric” mental health therapy services.

From a business standpoint, MindBeacon is expected to continue its boffo revenue growth for the next several years.

In this conversation, Duboc explains his journey, how that inspired MindBeacon’s business model, and the company’s growth potential.

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