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Copper may be in the midst of its strongest-ever cycle. That’s as demand for the metal for use in electric vehicles, batteries, and renewable energy infrastructure is expected to remain strong through at least this decade.

What if we told you could get access to a company that feeds the copper market, is profitable, and isn’t exposed to geological or mining risk?

On top of that, this firm’s main client is the largest copper producer in the world, it pays a dividend, and just completed a $25 million dollar share buyback.

Unique, right? This company is Amerigo Resources (TSX:ARG).

For much more detail, here’s my conversation with the company’s President & CEO, Aurora Davidson.

Amerigo Resources (TSX:ARG)

Market Cap: ~$233 Million

One Year Return: 118%

Disclosure: Mark Bunting owns shares in Amerigo Resources.

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