Dr. Ed Yardeni considers himself an “optimist at heart.”

But that doesn’t mean the President of Yardeni Research is wishing the U.S. Federal Reserve will “pivot” away from its interest rate tightening cycle.

And it doesn’t mean Yardeni is hoping for the major stock indices to bottom. Instead, he’s tracking the data.

Yes, he believes there are some “tremendous opportunities” for long-term investors and that a “roaring ’20s” decade is still possible after the “Mother of All Melt-ups.

But he’s also pragmatic enough to see what he calls a “rolling recession” in the U.S. and has an opinion on the possibility of an economic hard landing.

In part one of our interview with Yardeni, who has a wide following among institutional and retail investors, he gives us insight into:

  • Why “lots of things are breaking” globally.
  • Why Fed Chairman Jay Powell is determined to slay inflation.
  • Where financial instability could emerge.
  • The two “huge mistakes” the Fed made (Yardeni has written two books on the central bank).
  • And many other cogent comments…


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