What’s an investor to do in a stock market rife with greed, manias, and fraud? That’s a legitimate question even though it may smack of hyberbole. Are many investors driven purely by greed right now?

Based on record retail (last to the party dumb money) speculation, record margin debt, company price-to-sales ratios, stock market value vs. GDP, and a laundry list of other extreme indicators, the answer is yes.

Are we witnessing manias? GameStop. Full stop. And that’s just one example of feverish investor behaviour. Frauds? Check. Wirecard, WeWork, Nikola (allegedly, wink), a myriad of cryptocurrency scams, etc.

Blame the U.S. Federal Reserve and other central banks if you want for this “everything market” fuelled by a staggering amount of cheap money. But investors have to play the market in front of them.

So we sought out former hedge fund manager, former analyst at Bear Stearns, and, for the last 20 years, Founder, Editor & Publisher of the widely followed The Felder Report, Jesse Felder.

He’s a value investor always on the lookout for undervalued assets. Felder combines his fundamental research with a top down macroeconomic view.

He also regularly interviews highly successful investors to learn their strategies and tactics. His podcast is called Super Investors & the Art of Worldy Wisdom. Felder believes there are always opportunities for investors in any kind of market.

For example, he’s been banging the drum on commodities – and been right – for more than a year now.

Take advantage of Felder’s vast investment knowledge in this in-depth conversation to get his views on potential investments along with comments on:

  • The Fed’s biggest shift since the early 1980s
  • Investor sentimen
  • The case for oil
  • Frauds, greed and mania
  • The impending economic crisis
  • Hindenburg omen
  • Waiting for prices to confirm a downturn, and much more…

(Apologies in advance for my audio. We discovered a technical issue after the interview.)

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