When you’ve called every bear market since 2008, including the current one, you’ve earned the right to have strong, provocative opinions.

Keith McCullough, who is not a perma-bear, doesn’t hold back in this interview.

The CEO and Founder of Hedgeye Risk Management prepared his institutional clients and subscribers to preserve and grow their capital as his proprietary, data-driven, “go anywhere”, macro process sniffed out the stock market peak last year and the subsequent market downturn.

In our conversation, McCullough covers a lot of ground explaining his views on:

  • The deteriorating macro economic picture.
  • Why there’s no rush to find the stock market bottom.
  • Why earnings are a “certified train wreck”.
  • Dishonest CEOs.
  • Why the Fed is dead wrong…again.
  • Cramer and the CNBC “clown show”.
  • Liars, thieves, and scoundrels, and much more.

Watch now…

Note: This interview was recorded on July 20, 2022


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