Unless you’ve taken a six month holiday off the grid, you know that artificial intelligence has become an intense area of interest.

Although, judging by the Google Search Trends chart above, the mania appears to have peaked for now.

However, many portfolio managers and investors in general are thinking long and hard about how to benefit from this massive shift in technology which is changing the way we live in ways we can barely comprehend at the moment.

But there are a group of companies that have such market share dominance, cash piles, expertise and head starts that it could be argued that owning their shares and sitting on them for several years could result in very handsome profits.

We can only imagine what the world will look like in five years but we can imagine what these companies’ bright minds are working on every day to optimize their businesses and their customers’ experiences.

John O’Connell and Don Ritchie have a thought a lot about the ramifications of AI and, in part six of our video investment series, describe their views of the landscape and how investors may want to be positioned for robust returns.


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