We couldn’t resist.

We’ve produced all of this content this year that we know not everyone had a chance to see so why not assemble a list of the most popular posts.

It’s interesting for us to see what kind of investment stories resonate with people, and which don’t 🙁

Here are the 10 videos and articles that Uncommon Sense Investor subscribers and visitors gravitated to the most, along with a description of each.


1. 10 Stocks to Own Through 2025 – We pare a massive RBC Capital Markets research report down to fascinating charts on the accelerating adoption of technology and 10 stocks.

2. “Phenomenal” Top Pick Gets No Respect – Three stock ideas, in fact, from Jesse Gamble of Donville Kent, two of which have seen substantial gains since this late May interview. And yes, there’s a Rodney Dangerfield reference.

3. Five Stocks For 2023 – The full list of Morgan Stanley’s 30 Stocks for 2023 plus five hi-lighted companies based on growth rates, profit margins, and expected stock price appreciation.

4. 10 Reasons to Own These Types of Stocks in the Second Half – A J.P. Morgan playbook that turned out to be quite accurate.

5. Crypto Show Live – Featuring Som Seif, founder of Purpose Investments, which launched the world’s first Bitcoin ETF. Plus, interviews with several CEOs including that of Hut 8 Mining.

6. Three Top Stock Ideas From BMO’s Brian Belski – Enough said. He continues to be bullish and believes the bull market is only halfway done.

7. Four High Conviction Stock Ideas as Canadian Tech Goes Mainstream – Frankly, these stocks from Donville Kent haven’t done much but it doesn’t mean they can’t next year.

8. Three Fast-Growing Canadian Tech Stocks to Hold Long-Term – Same with these stocks from David Pender of Pender Asset Management but you don’t get named fund manager of the year by Investment Executive for nothing.

9. “Playing the Game Out Loud”: One-on-One with Keith McCullough, the Canadian Founder of Hedgeye Risk Management – This was my favourite interview of the year. Not sure why any investor wouldn’t want to watch this. So rich in actionable information and personality. This Canuck and former Yale hockey captain has built an impressive operation providing hedge fund-quality, data-based research to institutional clients with trillions under management, and to retail investors alike. Unique, “Old Wall” street smart, well-read, confident, brash, chirpy, and sometimes polarizing, McCullough is all about his proprietary algorithmic signals, measuring and mapping growth and inflation in 50 countries, his Quads, price, volume and volatility, and gladly doing the opposite of often panic-stricken peers who follow media narratives instead of numbers.

10. Top Contrarian Stock Ideas – Think contrarian and you think of Benj Gallander, president of Contra the Heard Investment Letter, who’s got the high double digit, long-term returns to back up his views.