The stock market and economy have whipped up a lot more questions than answers these days.


  • Is the market rally sustainable or is this a classic bear market trap?


  • Will so-called animal sprits continue or do we need to see a couple of ugly capitulation days?


  • The economy and corporate profits are slowing but by how much?


  • How much will inflation curtail economic growth?


  • What does all this talk about an inverted yield curve really mean?


  • Can the U.S. Federal Reserve fulfill market expectations and raise interest rates eight times this year or will the stock market revolt?


Those are a few of the questions we posed to John O’Connell in the latest of our on-going series of conversations.

As always, 37 years managing other people’s money and seeing every market condition imaginable gives the head of Davis Rea Investment Counsel insights and context many others don’t have.

So, take advantage of some thoughtful opinions and advice, to enhance your investment knowledge and skills.

Watch our conversation here.


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