by Jeff Brown, The Bleeding Edge

In this market volatility, it can definitely be difficult to determine the best places to put our capital.

Yet as I’ve written before, these kinds of pullbacks can be an excellent opportunity to buy over-punished stocks.

Fears about interest rates and inflation have dragged down the markets.

And many stocks have been sunk to irrationally low levels.

With the number of companies I recommend in my services, however, I know it can be a challenge to pick and choose which ones to allocate our extra money to if we would like to average down.

With that in mind, I’ll offer a few suggestions based on our Near Future Report portfolio.

This service recommends large-cap technology companies appropriate for more conservative investors.

They are blue-chip companies that will grow safely for years to come and dominate their respective fields.

And given the current volatility, these larger, more mature companies tend to be more resilient, which may be more comfortable for investors until the market finds some stability.

My top five large-cap growth picks, in this case, are the following:

  • Illumina (ILMN), the undisputed king of genetic sequencing technology.
  • Corning (GLW), a high-tech powerhouse that makes everything from fibre-optic cables to the “Gorilla Glass” used in our phones.
  • Advanced Micro Devices (AMD), a producer of semiconductors critical to artificial intelligence and machine learning, as well as graphics processing.
  • Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing (TSMC), the largest and most bleeding edge semiconductor foundry in the world.
  • Adobe (ADBE), a software company at the forefront of digital publishing and the creator economy.

Each of these companies would be a great choice for allocating capital or averaging down.

Opportunities to acquire shares at these levels are rare.

As always, please remember to position size appropriately.

We never want to go “all in” on a single investment, and that is especially true at times like these, with high levels of volatility and uncertainty.


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